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IT Consulting
& Services

Technology Support - Remote and/or Onsite

​-IT Leadership

- Short Term Contracts
 (Temporary support model involves the interim   placement to provide direct business support)

- Project Planning & Support

- Technology Assessments
(Software, Hardware, Infrastructure, Security)

- Strategic Planning

Website Design & Domain Setup 


Get a tailored website created with your company and audience in mind. Whether you're starting from scratch or wanting to grow, we'll build your website while you continue to do what you do best.Monthly and annual assistance plans are offered.

Our Services

Our Services

4D Technology Services offers a broad range of support services for small and large organizations specializing in private and public education. Give us a call to find out how we can assist you with your most common technological requirements.

IT Leadership

Do you need technological leadership? We can assist if you require project-based executive expertise or if your CIO or IT leadership role is temporarily vacant. 

IT Reviews & Strategic Planning

Our team members are here to assist you in assessing the present technological strategies & procedures used by the company in order to provide actionable advice. 

Project Management

Do you require assistance in creating project management techniques? We examine your company's project management best practices and offer realistic, cost-effective recommendations. 

Website Development

Our designers are prepared to assist in creating engaging, mobile-friendly websites that are targeted towards your business's goals. We can create and maintain websites for businesses of all sizes.

Temporary Support

We offer assistance by providing skilled personnel who can complete the "job" during hectic or stressful times while you're filling a temporary position or a permanent one.

Business Process Automation

We'll collaborate with you to thoroughly examine your procedures. We'll outline your chances for development and set you on the path to that more efficient method of functioning.


4D Technology Services Inc. has experience working with a wide variety of public and commercial businesses, both big and small. References & Testimonials upon request.

Ready to find out more?

In an increasingly globalized corporate environment, two key factors are connection and close customer relationships. At 4D Technology Services Inc., we collaborate with you to develop and pinpoint strategies that will boost productivity and lead to success. Being community business owners, we are committed to providing excellence for our partners and clients.

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